April 2012

Table of Contents The Supreme Art: Alumni share stories of the professors who shaped their lives Loyola magazine invited readers to share the stories of the faculty members who influenced their personal and professional journeys.
Energized about Business: Dan Nieves, '10, on Roger Kashlak, Ph.D. When Dan Nieves, '10, started as a first-year student, he had no idea what he wanted to do. "I had six different ideas of what sounded like it could be cool," he said. By the end of his first year, he knew he wanted to major in international business—and study abroad.
Lunch Bunch: "Pursuit of Happiness" alumni and Thomas Scheye, Ph.D., meet to exchange memories The English professor created the class as an introduction to culture—a chance for students to experience concerts, plays, and museums. The main attraction for the students was the three-day trip to New York City.
A Personal Odyssey: Matthew Lehr, '80, on Thomas Scheye, Ph.D. Matthew Lehr, '80, half-jokingly compares his freshman GPA to Daniel Simpson Day's in Animal House. His sophomore year he found himself taking an English course taught by Tom Scheye, Ph.D.
Name That Mathematician: Matthew McCullen, '99, on George Mackiw, Ph.D. Matthew McMullen, '99, wasn't sure how he would use his mathematics degree. Then he took Discrete Mathematics with George Mackiw, Ph.D., then-professor of mathematical sciences.
Time for Thankfulness: Stephnie Thomas, M.S. '09, on Kelly Murray, Ph.D., Ralph Piedmont, Ph.D., and Bob Wicks, Psy.D. Stephnie Thomas, M.S. '09, remembers hearing Bob Wicks, Psy.D., ask his class how many of the students spent time in thankfulness.
Can't Just Pick One: Teresa Waldman Wilkins, '81, M.A. '90, M.S. '09, on Sharon Cheston, Ed.D., and Ralph Piedmont, Ph.D. With three Loyola degrees and another underway, it's no surprise that Teresa Waldman Wilkins, ′81, M.A. ′90, M.S. ′09, has trouble thanking just one professor.
Fast Cars and Friendship: Stacey Watts Ambuehl, '05, on Robert Pond, Ph.D. When Stacey Watts Ambuehl, ′05, approached Robert Pond, Ph.D., about doing research, she mentioned that she was interested in the automotive industry.
Changing Horizons: Awais Akbar, MBA '08, on Harsha Desai, Ph.D. In 2006 Awais Akbar was working in residential property management in Baltimore and feeling he wasn't getting anywhere. He quit his job, enrolled in Loyola's MBA program, and decided to focus on international business.
A Leap of Faith: A Letter from Roger D. Phillips, Ph.D., on Faith Gilroy, Ph.D. "Prof. Gilroy's comment completely transformed how I thought about myself and my future," writes Roger D. Phillips, M.A. '81, Ph.D.
A Chemical Reaction: Leonard Andrews, '66, Ph.D., on Melvin Miller, '57, Ph.D. When Leonard Andrews, '66, came to Loyola to study chemistry, he was bound to cross paths with Melvin Miller, '57, then-professor of chemistry.
The Other Side of the Coin: The 2011 Harry W. Rodgers, III, Distinguished Teacher of the Year shares how students inspire and influence his work As he teaches, Thomas Ward, Ph.D., finds that students both inspire him as a professor and enrich the courses for their fellow students.
Accounting for Humor: Bob Zgorski, '74, on Jim "Buzz" Borra When Bob Zgorski, ′74, walked into his first accounting class, he was apprehensive and curious. "I knew accounting was the language of business, and I anticipated it to be rather serious, some might even say boring," he said.
Channeling Castellan: Lauren Bivona, '08, on Catherine Castellan, Ph.D. Lauren Bivona, '08, and her fellow elementary education majors had a term for good student teaching days. "We would say, 'We channeled Castellan today. We made learning concrete.'"
International Call: B. Scott Holloway, Jr., '02, on Tagi Sagafi-nejad, Ph.D., and Rev. Frank Nash, S.J. One of the phones on his office desk has a Philadelphia area code. But if you want to call B. Scott Holloway, Jr., '02, at work, keep in mind that he's in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, and there's a significant time difference.
The Thai that Binds: 2001 Thailand trip with Rev. Frank Nash, S.J. It was Sept. 11, 2001. The group of Loyola students studying abroad in Thailand headed to the student center, flipped on the TV, and watched as the second World Trade Center tower fell.
Teaching As an Art: A Letter from Mary Horenkamp, '85, on Mary Atherton, MFA "She never stopped pushing me to become the best artist I could be. I remember asking her why I wasn't earning any As in her classes."
Hallelujah with Hans, Laughs with Brunett: Mark Lee, '91, on Hans Mair, Ph.D., and Rev. John Brunett, S.J. Mark Lee was listening to the Concert Choir perform Handel's Hallelujah Chorus in the Chapel when someone caught the freshman's eye.
Speaking out: Justine Saccardi Kahn, '02, M.S. '04, on Lura Haynie Vogelman, M.S. '87 Justine Saccardi Kahn, '02, M.S. '04, knows the impact a stroke can have on a person—and on a family. Twenty-five years ago her father had two strokes and lost the ability to speak.
Their Shelves, Their Selves: Look inside a few Loyola faculty offices Loyola magazine paid a visit to a few faculty offices to see how faculty members' professional interests and personalities define their spaces.
Strong Hoops Well Lived: Men's basketball team's trip to the NCAA Tournament deepens Greyhounds pride It was great—and then some. It was fantastic. It was exhilarating. The team's tournament appearance ignited the Evergreen campus and, thanks partly to the power of social media, the Loyola community around the nation and the world.
All Eyes on Loyola: Team's Success Means Slam Dunk for University A team stepping onto the stage in one of the nation's most prominent athletic competitions translates to far-reaching attention for a university.
The Crystal Ball: The Men's Basketball Team Looks ahead to Next Season Dylon Cormier, '14, had stepped off the CONSOL Energy Center court less than 10 minutes before he took the microphone at the postgame press conference. His mind, however, had already shifted to the 2012-2013 season.
Hundreds of Wins: Patsos and Logan Both Women's Head Coach Joe Logan, '96, and Men's Head Coach Jimmy Patsos reached the century mark this season.
Student Volunteers Help Artisans and a Community in the Andes Loyola students are working to help raise awareness of Artesanos Don Bosco, support the work of Peruvian artisans, and aid education and other social projects in a distant town in the Andes.
A Matter of Course: Thinking through Terrorism Michael Franz, Ph.D., focuses on the mind and motives of the terrorist and understanding the roots and threats of terrorism, while Richard Boothby, Ph.D., concentrates on the mind of the terrorized and the dangers posed by the war on terrorism itself.
President's Message: Recalling an Inspiring Professor As a student at Boston College, I declared a major in political science. My plans began to change the fall of my senior year, when I took Foundations of Catholic Theology with Rev. Harvey Egan, S.J.
Letters to the Editor Readers respond to the December 2011 issue of Loyola magazine.
Radioing In: Former Radio Club advisor returns package of radio history Melvin Miller, '57, sent Loyola magazine a shoebox full of the club's QSL cards, postcards unique to each station that helped operators build connections with those they had spoken with by radio.
Alumni Help Sellinger Grad Students Offset Education Costs Thanks to the initiative and generosity of a dedicated group of alumni, the University has created the Sellinger Graduate Business Fellowship, which will help one promising student offset the costs of pursuing a graduate business degree.
Cura Personalis: Susan Donovan, Ph.D. Susan Donovan was appointed Loyola's executive vice president in 2011, after serving as the chief student development officer since 1988.
Hounds Are All Around: Alumni form new chapters in Chicago and Central New Jersey Loyola alumni in the Windy City and the central part of the Garden State have a new way to stay connected to their alma mater—through Loyola's two newest regional alumni chapters.
A Jesuit Perspective: Circles of Compassion On May 19, Rev. Greg Boyle, S.J., will deliver Loyola's 2012 Commencement Address. Fr. Boyle speaks with Loyola magazine about how his Jesuit vocation guides his work.
Big Vision, Empty Wallet: Emerging filmmaker launches network for independent artists Alex Cirillo, '08, saw the need for an organization offering networking opportunities and resources to artists in the field, and Big Vision Empty Wallet was born.
Meet Loyola's First Visiting Jesuit Chair When Rev. Jean Turgeon, S.J., came to the annual Cosmos and Creation conference at Loyola in June, he thought he was making a brief visit.
Share Memories of "Going 2 the Dance" Tell us about the excitement on campus in 1994 as the teams won their bids to the national stage.
Meet the Authors: Video Interviews Find out more about some of the recent books written by Loyola University Maryland professors by hearing from the authors themselves.
A Slideshow of a Holy Land Pigrimage by Rev. Brian Linnane, S.J. On their first pilgrimage to the Holy Land in January, the Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J., president, and the Rev. Jack Dennis, S.J., director of Campus Ministry, visited Galilee and Jerusalem.
Read the President's Writing Prize Winners' Essays Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J., Loyola's president, interrupted three classes in January to surprise the winners of the first President's Writing Prize, giving each a laurel wreath and a $500 check.
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